Rural Eco-living

Refugio Maras was created to share a beautiful and peaceful space with travelers who want to immerse in the Andes while meeting other conscious travelers. We hope we can contribute to your growth as a traveler by showing you a way of life while taking care of the community, the environment and yourself.

Our main concept is to protect the area and be able to live in harmony with nature. We are strategically located in the highlands of the Sacred Valley with an impressive view of the Andean glaciers, snowcapped mountains and the Andean sky. Since we do not use electric lights at night, you have a good view of the sky and the galaxy. While staying at our lodge you will feel the Andes and enjoy a very calm and peaceful atmosphere. If you are looking to totally disconnect from the city, relax, sightseeing, work or contribute to our community, this is the right place for you.

We are an authentic retreat and co-living lodge with shared and private eco-cabañas, built with local materials such as eucalyptus wood and adobe bricks. While staying at our lodge you can enjoy visiting many attractions located nearby, such as the salt terraces, Moray, the town of Maras and Huaypo lake. To fully enjoy the area we also organize daily treks, bike rides and workshops with the community. When it comes to meals, a healthy breakfast is always included in your stay and we also have dinner and lunch options at our vegetarian restaurant.